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GTPS4 - Updates

Black Friday - Black Friday Box & New Items
Custom Items - Recycle Event
Sgt. Stuffin's Revenge - Thanksgiving Update
Exclusive new role - Features+
Added new Growganoth & Halloween updates
Wonder Week - awesome new items!
The Carnival games are fully working & updated!
PAW UPDATES: View Outfit, Search Bar in Storage Box and more items!
Lots of PAW Week updates - /fav /favrm /growpass, new My Worlds UI, TradeScan
Player Appreciation Week - lots of new features & items!
The Garuda's Glory update
Implemented new username system to allow users use symbols such as '.' or '_'
Growtokens! - a huge update for Growtokens Gacha & Subscribtion + more!
Grow Pass is a feature which was fully implemented in the game: Receive Item Of The Season
Growtopia 2023 Summerfest: Phoenix Rising
Rubble salesman is waiting for you in TRASH with awesome offers: Rubble
Worlds Locks - Recycle Event
Janeway the Buyer is waiting for you in TRADE with awesome offers and rewards: Janeway
Happy Easter, added Easter Week Pack & Golden Egg Carton event: Easter Week
Fully with awesome prizes: Egg-Hunting Basket
Set your world session time: World Session Timer