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Growtopia Private Server (GTPS4) is one of the first and most successful Growtopia Private Servers! What do we mean by successful? It has the most features compared to other servers and most experienced team.

Our Growtopia private server is a modified version of the popular multiplayer sandbox game, Growtopia, where players can create and manipulate their virtual worlds. Unlike the official Growtopia servers operated by the game developers, a private server is independently created and managed by Vyte.

Private server offer unique gameplay experiences by introducing custom features, modifications, and sometimes even exclusive content not found in the official version of the game. These modifications include new items, blocks, events, game mechanics, and enhanced functionalities that can enhance or alter the gameplay.


Please note that ALL purchases on the GTPS4 store are final and a strict no-refund policy applies. Any and all refund requests are denied. Such requests include account/IP bans, server downtime, or the loss of in-game items.

If there is an issue, mistake or concern with your purchase or purchase history, please email us at [email protected]  and we will respond as soon as possible.

Opening a chargeback will result in a permanent and automatic ban from the GTPS4 Server, the GTPS4 store. All appeals are automatically declined.

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